Medal of Freedom Awarded to Stan Musial

A huge honor for the Greatest Cardinal ever from the President of the United States. A true hero, and a classic icon.

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 15:  U.S. President ...

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President Barack Obama awarded longtime Cardinal great Stan Musial with the Medal of Freedom award today at the White House in Washington D.C.

Musial, whose accomplishments on the diamond are absolutely astounding, will be honored for both his dedication to the game of baseball and his efforts off the field to make the world a better place.

Stan the Man was a career .331 hitter with 475 total home runs. Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1969, Musial was selected to 24 All-Star Games.

Musial’s efforts off the field are equally impressive. His devotion to local charities is profound. He acted as a peacemaker at a time when racial inequality was at the forefront in professional baseball. He was also a global leader for the game  by introducing it to the eastern part of the world.

I have had the pleasure to meet Stan a couple of times and his authenticity is unbelievable. He will gladly play “take me out to the ball game” on his harmonica or slip you a signed photograph with his name and accomplishments.

It is a proud day for Saint Louis and for baseball fans across the world as no one could better represent the Medal of Freedom better than Stan the Man. Congratulations.

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