Daily Grind 9.19

MLB records galore, and it’s turning out to be one of the best finishes in the history of the sport.

Mariano Rivera

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A few thoughts on various burning sports topics:

Congratulations to Mariano Rivera for surpassing Trevor Hoffman as the new all-time saves leader with 602. Some believe the “save” stat is overrated but not I. The St. Louis Cardinals have been victimized 24 times this season of the blown save … and they will likely miss the playoffs because of it. Shut down closers are such an asset to a team, especially in the postseason. Rivera has won five world championships with the Yankees including being named the MVP in the 1999 series.

Baseball should have 2 wild card teams. The playoff format is going to change. Unfortunately, not for this postseason. I love the stretch run in baseball. There is something special about the feat of playing 162 games and still being in contention with 2 weeks to play.

Americans League Wild Card:

1. Boston Red Sox (87-66)

(4@Baltimore /  3@NY Yankees / 3vs.Baltimore)

2. Tampa Bay Rays 1.5 games back

(3@NY Yankees / 3vs. Toronto /3vs. NY Yankees)

3. LA Angels 3.5 games back.

(4@Toronto / 3vs.Oakland / 3vs.Texas)

National League Wild Card:

1. Atlanta Braves (87-66)

(3@Florida / 3@Washington / 3vs.Philadelphia)

2. St. Louis Cardinals 3.5 games back

(3vs.NY Mets / 3vs. Chicago Cubs / 3@Houston)

3. San Francisco Giants 4 games back

(3@LA Dodgers / 3@Arizona / 3vs.Colorado)

Regardless of how it plays out, what a great finish for Major League Baseball.

NCAA “super” conferences

Everyday we hear of a major university planning to switch conferences. It started with Nebraska and Colorado leaving the Big 12. Reports now say Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State are ready to join the Pac 12 (or Pac 16). This would be a very competitive conference. Texas is the hammer in all of this. They want to keep the Longhorn Network because of how lucrative it is for the university.

College football is one the most corrupt business entities in America. Too much money has created a void in the game. Conference jumping creates monopolies and limits the possibilities for smaller schools to compete. With that being said, a conference including USC, Texas, and Oklahoma would be fun.

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