St. Louis Lambs

This season reminds me of an article written by columnist Bernie Miklasz in 2008: Send in the clowns. That’s right, send in the clowns…again.

Have the offensive linemen wear leotards and face paint next week. Play Mike Singletary “old-school” defense and only put 8 guys on the field. Shoot, see if Dan Dierdorf, Deacon Jones, or Jack Youngblood can suit up.

What a disgrace. The article was eerily similar to the way I feel about the Rams following their humiliating 34-7 loss at Cowboys Stadium Sunday.

Replace the stupidity of Richie Incognito with (pause)… let me pick a name out of the hat, Jason Brown.

Replace the incompetent Alex Barron with Cadillac Williams, whose costly turnovers continue to kill drives and subsequently the  game.

Replace the coach, Jim Haslett, with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who seems to have lost his marbles. 9.3 points per game won’t win a pee-wee game.

Oh the problems are hysterical. This will be the Rams’ 7th consecutive losing season.

Fire general manager Billy Devaney, who has drafted 0 pro bowlers in his four drafts. He has spent a boatload on offensive lineman who have allowed a league leading 23 sacks. Not to mention their run blocking consists of being shoved to the turf.

What a joke. If not for the Cardinals’ World Series run, the Rams would be getting crushed in the local media. Perhaps enough to ship them back to Los Angeles.

Send in the clowns already.

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