“Suck for Luck” in St. Louis?

As the St. Louis Rams continue to lose, their chances of selecting a top five pick in next Aprils draft increase dramatically. Three teams are winless right now: St. Louis, Indianapolis Colts, and the Miami Dolphins.

Andrew Luck

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Of the three, St. Louis is the worst.

They rank last in points scored at 56, and are averaging an abysmal 9.3 points per game.

The defense is allowing 5.5 yards per carry and allowing over 400 yards of total offense per week.

The “Suck for Luck” slogan has become a nickname for Stanford University  quarterback, Andrew Luck. Luck has been linked with the potential stardom of a John Elway. Remember Ryan Leaf? Oh, draft analysts.

The road block if St. Louis does draft first: they already drafted QB Sam Bradford first overall in 2010. But, Bradford also signed a $50 million guaranteed contract which was possible prior to the new CBA implemented this off-season. Rookies now have a pay scale, and the first overall pick will likely make no more than $30 million in guaranteed money. Organizations will be more inclined to trade up. Less money, less risk.

Both the Colts and Dolphins need a quarterback. There is speculation as to what the future holds for former MVP Peyton Manning. He will miss the entire season with a neck injury. His neck has been operated on four times in the last year. Takers, anybody?

The Dolphins have had a revolving door at QB since Dan Marino retired. Worse, Marino never won a Super Bowl. Miami is starving to return to the early 1970‘s, when they appeared in three consecutive Super Bowls.

Who will be the Mike Ditka of the 2012 Draft? Ditka traded all seven of New Orleans’ draft picks to take RB Ricky Williams. Though New Orleans has since won a Super Bowl, Ricky Williams was a member of the Miami Dolphins.

It’s only week 8 of the regular season, but all three teams could make an argument for  upgrades at every position, including quarterback.

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