Championship Weekend Picks

We’re not saying use ’em. But you could bet the house with these locks. The NFL Daily Picks return for the Championship Games.

New York Giants (+2) @ SF 49ers 

Baltimore Ravens (+7) @ NE Patriots

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

Last Week Totals:

Mark Locks 3-1 Spread 2-2

Charlie Locks 3-1 Spread 1-3

Nater Locks 2-2 Spread 3-1

Owen Locks 3-1 Spread 2-2

Phil: DNP

David: DNP
Alex Smith on what can’t happen vs. G-men

Justin Tuck not guaranteeing a win…but guaranteeing a win.

Wes Welker on expecting a physical game

Terrell Suggs on the Ravens expecting to reach the next level.

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