Daily Grind 1.31

Mizzou escapes Austin with a big road win. Some great audio from Blues HC Ken Hitchcock. A compelling story, an intriguing stat, and Rick Majerus unplugged. Buckle up for this rant.

Mizzou played a hard-fought game Monday against the young, feisty Texas Longhorns. As I’ve mentioned before, winning on the road is not easy. A hostile environment such as Texas takes incredible focus and discipline.

Michael Dixon (Flickr by Madison Mack)

Speaking of discipline, what was Michael Dixon thinking with that elbow?

Bobby Knight criticized Mizzou for wasting offensive opportunities late in the game. Essentially, they were camping out at half court to drain the clock instead of continuing their offensive attack.

Draining time is smart, but why let the shot clock get under 15 seconds before the offense even begins to move? Give yourself 18-20 seconds to score points.

That being said, Dixon was awesome hitting 9-10 FG for 21 points (2/2 3PT). Sparkplug? Absolutely. When this kid feels it, let it rain.

Kim English provided 2 clutch threes. (8 points 3/8 FG 2/5 3PT)

Cold: Marcus Denmon is now 8/36 shooting in the past two games.

Scary: Steve Moore and Ricardo Ratliffe each had four personal fouls. For Mizzou to go ANYWHERE in March, both big men will need to stay out of foul trouble.

Rebound deficiency: Not to harp on the negatives–because a win is a win. But, Texas out rebounded Mizzou 35-23 … Mizzou averages 33 rebounds a game, which is 233rd in the country. Where are you Laurence Bowers?

Looking ahead: A full week to prepare for the Kansas Jayhawks. Saturday in Mizzou Arena. See you there.


Here’s some hockey sense: “Let’s go boys.” The ‘Note held a practice Monday…Here are some audio bites. (Courtesy of David Solomon, KTRS 550 AM)

Hitch: Andy McDonald takes off the “no-contact” jersey:

Hitch: Not estimating a date when McDonald and Alex Steen return from concussion injuries

Hitch: Simplify the Power Play:

Hitch: Standings won’t look good when they play Friday

If you want to read a compelling story about a college basketball player with a ton of potential, read Dana O’Neils piece on Illinois center Meyers Leonard (left). This guy will be a good player in the NBA very soon.

Today is Tuesday, make sure to check out TimfliesMusic.com for a sick beat. Timeflies plays in St. Louis 2/18 at the Firebird.

Did you know?  The New York Knicks are 21-31 (including postseason) with Carmelo Anthony. Denver is 33-17 (including postseason) since the trade in February 2011.

How about Rick Majerus? Following SLU’s blowout loss at UMass Saturday Majerus went off to Matt Vautour of the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

SLU head coach Rick Majerus

Here are some excerpts:

“I don’t give a (expletive) how much travel you have. All you have to do is get your nose in the chest and defend.”

“I don’t care what his leg is. He’s got some kind of leg injury. If you’ve got a leg injury, don’t play. I’d rather have a handicapped guy covering him,” Majerus said. “I used to coach wheelchair basketball. Those son of (expletives) came to play every night. The most rewarding experience of my life was coaching my wheelchair team and the Special Olympics that I ran and coached in Utah. I can get a a Special Olympian to get excited (to play). No derogatory remark to them. I’m just upset that (his current players) would not value the moment.”

“I may have a guy or two that don’t play for the right reasons. College basketball is rife with it. They like being basketball players. They like being on the team, but they don’t like basketball,” he said. “But even if that’s your deal in life, you have an obligation to your teammates and yourself. And someone gave you a scholarship. I’ve got three walk-ons that pay $46,000 a year. If I had any balls I would have played them.” (quotes are courtesy of stltoday.com and Tom Timmerman via Matt Vautour of Daily Hampshire Gazette)

OK boys…how did practice go Monday? Holy Shit…Got to love a straight shooter.

Keep Grindin’ Thanks for Reading.

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