Big XII Tournament Blog — Day 2

Yesterday was the busiest college basketball day of the year. I was lucky enough to be a part of one of the biggest blowouts this Championship Week. Strap in for today because I’m calling some upsets.

Kansas City, MO–We finally saw somewhat of an upset when Marquette got beat down by Louisville. That game just proves how well-coached teams fair better in the tournaments. Up until then Championship Week has been pretty un-March-like. Well, the first rounds are over.

Illinois is out, Georgetown is out, and Mississippi State is out. Those teams weren’t really upset, but those losses were disappointing to say the least. With Illinois out, the Tigers’ close win over them looks worse. Hopefully Notre Dame keeps it rolling tonight against Louisville.

‘Cuse looked rough against UConn and I think Cincy will bring the physical game to the Orange tonight. Watch out as I think Syracuse will be on the ropes. The Baylor-kansas game is going to be good. The Bears played like they should yesterday and as I’ve said before, kU’s defense is starting to show weakness. I think the Bears could win tonight. Going to take a some scoring though.

The Mizzou-Ok State game. Wow. We looked better than anyone in the nation in that first half. Phil had 5 steals and Kimmie had 21 points in the first 20 minutes. The seniors are showing their maturity and that is going to be so valuable going forward. Coach Haith didn’t show any signs of being nervous before the game, but he did focus on one thing: intensity. “If we bring it to ’em first, we will win the game”. And we did. Coach was smart enough to bench our starters as much as possible. What a move. J’Covan had to play 38+ minutes last night. That’s the kind of coaching that will win in the tournament baby!

We are heading to shoot around at the Sprint Center, but I’ll keep you Grinders as filled in as possible.

Thanks for readin’


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