When Sandusky Was Delcared Guilty

It wasn’t after the Louis Freeh report, it was as soon as long time friend and associate Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 different counts of child sex abuse that Joe Paterno’s sterling legacy in NCAA athletics was not tarnished, but completely defecated.

If your first reaction to this was ‘O but that can’t take away from what he did on the football field’ then that’s fine, but if it doesn’t take away all of the admiration of Joe Paterno’s tenure as Penn State’s football coach, then there is a problem.

Now let me get my hands dirty in what is by far the worst evil doing to ever happen in NCAA Athletics.

The Statue

Now that we have a clear and present account of what was going on (and not being reported) in the confines of Penn State University, it is time to drop the hammer on this horribly corrupt establishment.  The statue should have been the first thing to go, and it shouldn’t have taken this long. For god’s sake the damned thing has a heroic image of Joe Paterno holding up the number one, with the words next to him, “Educator, Coach, Humanitarian”. Humanitarian? That’s disgusting. This statue should have been removed as soon as Sandusky was found guilty.  The fact that the administration and board didn’t want this statue taken down immediately makes me question their character.

As if the character flaws amongst the former coaching staff and board of trustees at Penn State weren’t clear enough, now we had flocks of students putting flowers next to Joe Pa’s statue as well as standing guard in order to not have it taken down (in response to an airplane banner that read ‘if you don’t take it down we will’). Seriously? The entire student body should be embarrassed.

The Football Program

It should have been suspended as soon as Sandusky was found guilty. This is a program that not only turned the other way when they saw child rape happening, but actually catered to its happening. Yes, Sandusky was raping children on Penn State’s campus, comfortably. Joe Paterno is the longest tenured coach in NCAA history, and for many of those years he let his hallways, locker rooms, and sidelines be broached by one of the sickest child sex abusers to ever live.

When the NCAA found out that SMU was paying players, SMU’s football program was terminated immediately. When a child sex rapist was openly working at Penn State University, that football program doesn’t get the death penalty? Are you &*^@#! kidding me. So when it hurts your buttholes you suspend the program without question, but when it hurts innocent children’s, you don’t suspend at all. F$%@ you.

Every dollar of profit that Penn State University makes through their football program should go directly to a children’s charity or in some way shape or form benefit troubled kids, like perhaps kids without fathers, or even one further, kids who have been victims of rape. This is a no-brainer; the University isn’t paying it’s players anyway (perhaps that’s the cause for all this mess).

The Aftermath

Happy Valley is boned, pun fully intended. As soon as Sandusky was found guilty, the entire city of Happy Valley’s buttholes clinched up (karma), because they knew the potential ramifications of these heinous acts and how it might affect their livelihood, and duly so.

I realize that canceling the football program would cost the entire city’s economy, perhaps even devastate it, but I don’t care. What kind of message are you sending when you let the most corrupt NCAA football program of all time go unscathed? Certainly not a message that looks to avoid any sort of mess like this in the future. Not making a very good example are we? The whole nation should feel embarrassed.

SMU’s football program got shut down for paying its players, yet this still happens today as commonplace. So Penn State has a child rapist treating their campus as a haven for sex, and we let the program continue. I am sorry but that is just spineless.

If terminated, a lot of football players would lose scholarships and be stuck in the mud for the next semester. Well I’m sorry but that’s what happens when the football team you chose to play for was harboring a serial child rapist, for decades. End of story.

The Pathetic-ness

Money is still coming in! Since this scandal has surfaced, Penn State alumni have donated millions of dollars to the school.

People are sticking up for Joe Paterno. Students, who mind you had only been at Penn State during the time child rape was happening, are trying to defend his legacy as the coach. What are my peers coming to when they can sidestep child rape and want to only admire someone for being a winning football coach? I can read your mind ‘But Joe Pa reported it’. Shut up. If you see someone murdering people on a train, and you tell the train attendant but he just lets it go, your telling me your not going to go to the police? Joe Pa had every opportunity to stop child rape, and he didn’t. Now people are defending him.

Let’s be rational.

When SMU was caught paying their players, essentially embodying a professional football team, the NCAA was so up in arms that they stopped the program immediately. Why? Perhaps they saw this concept of paying the players as a threat to their financial well-being, and had to make sure this concept was conceived as illegitimate and worthy of termination.

I promise the horse will be dead after this beating. But when CHILD RAPE is happening inside a NCAA college football program, and gets hidden by its University, and even after a serial rapist was not only found guilty, but found to be harboring a ‘charity’ that allowed him to have his way with children on an NCAA campus, the NCAA doesn’t have the balls to terminate the program. Unbelievable.

The Message That Everyone Is Missing

If this event doesn’t prove that it is time for a complete makeover of NCAA sports, then I’m not sure what will, because it doesn’t get any worse than this. Why was this scandal ever covered up to begin with? Well in order to keep taking advantage of a corrupt system, one must hide corruption.

One response to “When Sandusky Was Delcared Guilty

  1. Agree on most parts. Since the NCAA is allowing players to transfer without any stipulations, why NOT suspend the program? It wouldn’t be hurting any of the players who didn’t do anything. I think the NCAA is completely flawed and basically a joke. They will give the harshest punishment EVER to a university committing a victimless crime, but when 80 some odd children have their innocence stripped from them and lives tarnished, they send a semi-strong message. Sickening. Sounds like we have more than one crime.

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