Tyler Greene – The Saga Continues?

Tyler Greene

Tyler Greene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It is beginning to, no, it has been ridiculous. Tyler Greene is still wearing a Cardinal uniform. Why? At once one of the most highly touted prospects in the Cardinals farm system, now at 28 years old, Tyler Greene has done absolutely nothing worthy of being considered a major league ball player.  This guys sucks.

He can’t hit.

In 4 years of major league experience, his highest batting average is .222, in his rookie season. Most players get better at hitting major league pitching as they start to establish a major league career, but not this chump. After hitting a lousy .222 in his first season in the big leagues (108 at bats), Greene has actually consistently digressed.

2009 – 108 at bats – .222 batting average
2010 – 104 at bats – .221 batting average
2011 – 104 at bats – .212 batting average
2012 – 168 at bats – .214 batting average


So in 4 years and 484 at bats, Greene is a career .217 hitter. 105 career hits, 139 career strikeouts. I think at this point, you know exactly what your getting from the guy, nothing. That is simply not going to cut it, unless he hits for power.

Power? What power?

Greene doesn’t have any power at all. 9 career homeruns, and a career slugging percentage of .329. That is honestly pathetic. This is comparable to the worst in the league.

If you are going to suck that bad at hitting you better at least have a solid glove. Well Greene doesn’t. In fact, his career fielding percentage in 4 major league seasons at every position on the field minus pitcher and catcher is 97% (97% at SS as well, his main position). That is actually not very good, at all.

So now we are looking at a player who can’t catch a cold and couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. Why is he still around? He has to have ah strength.

Isn’t he supposed to be fast?

Sure, the guy can run fast, but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to run the bases. 24 career-stolen bases, that is hardly note worthy. He comes into the game as a pinch runner, and before you could even ask the guy next to you who’s pinch running, he gets picked off. At this point, I would rather have Brendan Ryan.

We are talking about one of the worst players in the major leagues. Why in the hell is he still wearing the birds on the bat. The logical excuse is that because we cannot send him to the minor leagues without losing him, we keep him around. We cannot trade him because no one wants him. So at this point, we are just wasting a perfectly useful roster spot, and wharfing one of the leagues least productive players, on a team competing for a playoff spot. He doesn’t even have a role on this team anymore besides ‘I suck’.

Cut this chumps ass, and spare us the pain of watching him suck at major-league baseball for the rest of the year, er, his career.

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