Daily Grind 8.10

The “Honey Badger” gets expelled, USA men’s basketball advances to finals, and hell, the Cards kick off a huge series.

Tyrann Mathieu

Kind of like me, Tyrann Mathieu has behavioral issues. Unlike me, he is an exceptional football player. However no longer will his skills be showcased in South Eastern Conference football.

The player on the cover of the football program has been expelled for violating team policy. With marijuana issues in his past, I’m guessing that’s the demon.  Much like a recent U.S. Olympian, pot use has resulted in Tyrann losing his ‘privilege’* to compete. What idiots, expelled from the very zenith they worked their entire life to reach.

Now unlike Nick Delpopolo (U.S. Judo), Mathieu will still most likely end up with an opportunity to compete for his ultimate goal, a Super Bowl. Here is what I see in this kid: arrogance. This is a kid who knew how talented he was, and it went to his head. He thought he was bigger than the University of Louisiana, and that badger doesn’t fly. He blatantly disobeyed team rules for the second, third, fourth, who knows, time. See you later sucker. Grow up a bit, work on your game at a small college, and come into the NFL draft with a new mentality.

Either way, I really would like him on the Rams.

English: U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball team me...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What is more ‘Mericuh than watching U.S. men’s basketball obliterate the competition. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant. What other country can produce one athlete comparable to any of them? Remember how fun it was to play street ball with your little brother (or Nater) on that small hoop you could dunk on? It’s kind of like that, expect with LeBron James.  Awesome.

Alley-oop. Be sure to tune in Sunday when they mop the floor with the Gasol brothers. Right now they are beating teams by simply playing hard for one quarter (outscoring opponents 226-129 in the 3rd quarter). This game might end up with the U.S. scoring well over a hundred points and easily covering the spread (which will be very generous) as I expect them to play all four. Lookout dream team!

Give Him The Birds

I gave Tyler Greene the bird as he left the team, and watched the Cardinals improve to 1-0 since his departure. I expect this trend to continue.

This weekend series is huge. Really every series is now, but the Phillies are struggling (as they have been all season), and the Cards (7-3 in L10) are heating up. They have a chance improve their road record to over .500. With the best run differential in the league (10 better than NYY and 21 better than TEX), its only a matter of time before they real off a 20-win month. Now is the time.

ST. LOUIS, MO - JUNE 13: Starter Lance Lynn #3...

FRI: Lohse (12-2) @ Halladay (5-6)
SAT: Westbrook (11-8) @ Lee (2-6)
SUN: Lynn (13-5) @ Worley (6-7)

The Cardinals have the offensive and pitching edge in the series, and should take at least two. The most interesting game of this series will be Sunday. Can Lance Lynn bear down and get back to form, or will another case of consecutive poor outings land him back in the bullpen? I certainly hope not.

*Privilege for Tyrann. Business for NCAA.

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