Daily Grind 8.28

In trying to defend the pathetic first quarter in Dallas on Saturday, Jeff Fisher said, “We got caught off guard on pressures and their fronts. We weren’t prepared for that or we didn’t expect to see that in the third preseason game”.

It’s time for the Rams defense to start doing this to opponents.

Well let me cut to the chase. Maybe it is preseason. Maybe you wait until the final 53 are in the room to truly show your colors.

Remember some Gregg Williams soundbites?

“There may be better athletes…but not defensive football players that have to go into war tomorrow and play the way we fuckin’ play.”

“Kill the head and the body will die”

“Little 32, we want to knock the fuck out of him. He has no idea what he’s in for”

Yes, those.

Perhaps instead of letting Noah Keller, Brody Eldridge, or Kevin Hughes (among 15 cut Monday) in on the secret, you wait until the “men who are here for a reason” are the only ones left.

See where I’m going here? Maybe not quite “kill the fucking head” strong, but boy lets put some more into the game plan than getting run over.

At this point, I presume Thursday’s game against Baltimore is another tune up. The real test comes September 9th in Detroit. I want to see this football team show up and play some tough, after the whistle football. I’ll drink the kool-aid of “getting better” until then.

So Long, DX.

Let’s pause and remember the flashes Danario teased us with over the last two seasons. His three career touchdowns. His long hauls of 68 and 46 yards. My god he’s a freak.

Unfortunately, he also has balky, chronic knees. He has five operations on his left knee alone, and following any football activity, he spent hours in the training room getting treatment.

The commitment worked last season. Not this year. It’s a damn shame. DX will never be forgotten, at least until another receiver even shows glimpses of Alexander’s dynamic ability.

The Cardinals won their 15th game in August Monday. They had 15 in July, and 14 in April.

Hey, the Cardinals won a 1-run game!

The offense fought back after Kyle Lohse surrendered two runs in the 4th inning. Of course, getting the offense going in the 5th was Yadier Molina, who led off with a single.

Matt Holliday had another good night. It was interesting how the Pirates went after him. Last weekend in St. Louis, they clearly challenged Holliday with inside heat. Holliday could not catch up, going 1-15. Monday, they went away, away, away, and so did Matt. He singled to right in the 1st before hitting a go-ahead HR (24) in the 6th to the right field bleachers. A game of adjustments.

The bullpen had some shaky moments, but Fernando Salas and Jason Motte bailed everyone out.

Tonight Jake Westbrook looks to rebound from a rough outing against Houston. Jake is just 1-6 lifetime against the Bucos but pitched well enough to win last time out going 7.2 and allowing just 2 runs.

Keep Grindin’

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