How Luck-y Those Colts Are

He’s quickly stamping his name all over Peyton Manning’s legacy.

Andrew Luck is once again proving the theory that the NFL is all about the quarterback. Luck dismantled the Jacksonville Jaguars like a surgeon, threading needles and showing off his incredible speed for a guy weighing 230 pounds. Perhaps I’m drinking the Kool Aid, but Luck has improved the Colts from a 1-15 season a year ago to a 6-3 start in 2012 with promising playoff hopes.

Luck has already thrown 10 touchdown passes and rushed for another 5 himself. I know the Jags are a joke, but Luck has improved each week, and his intangibles are off the chart. Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians deserves a ton of credit for Luck’s progression into the NFL.

Now I’ll take off the rosy shades and say Luck needs to cut down on the turnovers. He’s thrown nine interceptions and lost seven fumbles. The concern is the fumbles. Interceptions happen, and Mike Mayock made a great point last night regarding Blaine Gabbert. It’s almost as if he’s too afraid to make a tight throw in fear of throwing a pick. It’s impossible to play at an elite level when you’re hesitant.

Luck’s ability to make plays with the talent around him is most impressive. Donnie Avery, T.Y. Hilton, LaVon Brazill, and Donald Brown. Who? Exactly. Granted, Reggie Wayne is playing at an extremely high level in all phases (blocking, catching, leadership). And this is where I’ll relate it to St. Louis and Sam Bradford. All we’ve heard regarding Sam’s performance is he doesn’t have enough talent around him.

Let’s cut the crap for a minute.

The great NFL quarterbacks lift their teammates’ performance. They make plays by extending the play with their feet. Take Aaron Rodgers…Lose Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, and Cedric Benson and its no big deal. He’ll work in Randall Cobb, Tom Crabtree, and John Kuhn.

Bradford has established solid chemistry with ONE receiver (Amendola) since his rookie season. That’s just unacceptable. Bradford has a cannon, he can make all the throws…but his intangibles are behind. A 3rd year QB taking a sack with under a minute in the 4th quarter down by a field goal? Nope, sorry there’s no excuse for his consistent mental lapses.

I am concerned that Bradford is exactly what we’ve witnessed, run of the mill. Perhaps I’m way off, but either way the clock is ticking.

Who I Like In Week 10

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3) over San Diego Chargers
Doug Martin is on an absolute roll. Chargers have to travel across the country. Josh Freeman and ex-Charger Vincent Jackson make AJ Smith and Norv Turner feel the heat.

New Orleans Saints (+2.5) over Atlanta Falcons
Week 10 marks the end of any undefeated talk. The Falcons are due for a hiccup. As I write this, I’m reminded of the Saints horrific defense…but I think they win a shootout 42-38.

New York Giants (-3.5) over Cincinnati Bengals
Coming off a home loss to the surging Pittsburgh Steelers, the Giants will not lose this game. I would buy a point to knock the spread down to 2.5.

Bills @ Patriots
Broncos @ Panthers
Titans @ Dolphins
Raiders @ Ravens
Lions @ Vikings
Jets @ Seahawks
Cowboys @ Eagles
Texans @ Bears

A Few Random Thoughts

1. The Rockies are clearly set on Walt Weiss as their long term manager. NOT. They gave him a 1-year contract. Talk about a complete slap in the face. I guess any opportunity to manage in the big leagues is worth it, but ONE year seems like an impending ‘You’re Fired’.

2. Anibal Sanchez wants a $90 million contract over six years. Try $9 million for two years.

3. Anybody who gives Josh Hamilton a contract longer than three years is crazy.

4. I wonder if Mark McGwire’s decision to take the Dodgers position has anything to do with $$$.

5. NHL, please get a deal done.

Thanks for reading, and keep grindin’.

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