Not According To Plan

Just one week removed from their self-acclaimed “growing up” party in San Francisco, the Rams got destroyed at home by a team every media outlet ridiculed as dysfunctional and pathetic.

Well, clearly the Jets haven’t hit Ram Bottom.  

This was one of the worst athletic showings I’ve ever witnessed. The Rams were completely lifeless, playing as if their Bay Area tie meant they would walk over the team everybody loves to hate.

Mark Sanchez blows. Rex Ryan can’t coach. The Jets defense is a joke.

Hm, uh…they did reach the AFC Championship game in two of the last three seasons.

Mark Sanchez gave everyone a glass of shut the hell up with his performance Sunday. He tore up the Rams secondary with quick strikes and deceived defenders several times with an effective pump fake.

They never abandoned the run. The Jets ran the football 41 times, despite only averaging 3.0 yards and seven negative plays. Bilal Powell surfaced out of nowhere with two rushing scores.

I am so sick of watching opponents run down the Rams’ throat. It’s a joke. The team invested three first round picks in Chris Long, Robert Quinn, and Michael Brockers and they all failed yesterday. The Rams haven’t had sufficient linebackers since London Fletcher roamed, and if the best they can do at safety is Craig Dahl they don’t deserve to win another game.

Meanwhile, Brian Schottenheimer dialed up 44 pass plays even though New York ranks 30th in rushing defense…and when the Rams ran the ball, it worked. Steven Jackson and Darryl Richardson averaged 5.7 yards per carry. Then again Darryl coughed up the football at midfield.

Sam Bradford had his worst game as a pro. Granted, his receivers had no separation and the patch work offensive line had a terrible game. But Sam looked worse than Tim Tebow. His interception was carelessly lazy and it fueled the Jets momentum.

Nowhere in Bradford’s arsenal is the idea to use his legs and make a play. He can’t even pump fake to create separation, or develop a mental clock in the pocket. Look, this ain’t the Big 12 where you can eat a steak with the pocket time he had at OU. Bradford has been sacked in 26 consecutive games, the longest active streak in the NFL, according to STATS LLC.

Bradford needs to get better or it’s time to move on because as a #1 overall pick expectations are a lot higher than what he’s shown to date…and we’re in year three. 

What We All Know

  1. The Rams lost this game because they turned it over three times and the defense went their fifth consecutive game without getting one back.
  2. The holding penalty on Chris Givens’ punt return for TD was a joke and changed the entire game.
  3. Danny Amendola can’t stay healthy.
  4. The Dome atmosphere was absolutely horrible…I blame it on the free “concert” Switchfoot played after the game.
  5. Brian Quick….well we don’t know anything because he can’t find the field.

The Rams got a beat down in all phases by a Jets team scrambling to find some identity. They blew an opportunity to salvage the season and are now 0-4-1 since beating Arizona Week 5.

Rex Ryan out coached Jeff Fisher plain and simple, and his players executed a better game plan.

The Rams have a ton of work to do and the Jets delivered a harsh reminder.

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