Another Puzzling Sunday

Reports: City officials consider destroying Edward Jones Dome in hopes of pro football team leaving. 

Here are a few direct quotes from several Rams players following Sunday’s gut wrenching home loss to Tennessee.

  • “Very disappointing”
  • “A three game skid sucks. It hurts.”
  • “Didn’t take advantage”
  • “Nobody’s fault but ours”
  • “Time to take responsibility and grow up”
  • “Stop shooting ourselves in the foot all the time”
  • “We have to do a better job executing”
  • “Do a better job”
  • “The more they stack up the more they hurt”
  • “Can’t be saying ‘things are correctable’ in week 9”
  • “This one does hurt. It Sucks.”
  • “Blows my mind. I have no idea”
  • “We fell far short (defensively)”
  • “Put this…BS…on the field”
  • “Mistake that can’t be made”

That about sums it up.

A missed field goal, two lost fumbles, and a Swiss cheese run defense let the Titans steal a Week 9 matchup from the St. Louis Rams, now 3-6, and destined for their seventh consecutive losing season.

I’m at a loss for words trying to find anything positive. All year the excuse was a lack of a running game. Well, Zac Stacy has settled in nicely. He has back-to-back games rushing over 100 yards, and the Rams are 0-2 in those contests.

Defensive end William Hayes, one of several former Titans on the roster, took his anger out on a full-length bathroom mirror. This game had ‘I’m better than you’ implications. The Rams are built with a bevy of former Titans including Jeff Fisher, who spent 17 years with the organization. Fisher admitted afterwards, “at the end of the day, (this one) will last a little longer, hurt a little more … because it was important.”

Former Titans or not, the pileup of bad football and repeated mistakes are growing old for the entire city of St. Louis. A fan base that has seen an ownership majority change, several head coaching changes, and yearly roster turnover feels like smashing much more than a full-length mirror. Nothing this humiliating should last this long. The “Greatest Show On Turf” days seem like an eternity ago — because they were.

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