Daily Grind 11.12

The big BBWAA joke, Sam Hurd and Dwayne Bowe, and Bradley Beal outscores Kevin Durant. 

Here we go again. The Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) gets to announce their yearly Major League Baseball award winners, and immediately the debates begin as to why they got it all wrong.

For example, why didn’t Mike Matheny, who managed an MLB-best 97 win team to the World Series, even finish as a finalist for Manager of the Year?

How did Shelby Miller finish behind Yasiel Puig for Rookie of the Year?

But instead of critiquing the finalists, I’ll criticize the process in which the decisions are made. First of all, why does MLB rely on the classic 3rd grade girls clique, otherwise known as BBWAA, to have total control of basically every recognizable award? How does MLB shun broadcasters like Bob Costas, Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, Mike Shannon, Vin Scully, Bob Ueker, Dave Van Horne and  so many more famous voices, some of which actually played the damn game.

The BBWAA is filled with moronic, pompous blowhards who find peace with being called a “purist”. They think because they’ve been around the game, they know the game better than those who wore a jersey post the 4th grade.

So that’s my problem; the people voting — and until that changes, I could truly care less about the winners.

Da Best  ‘Mon

It’s ironic how on the same day Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe gets arrested for having over 15 grams of marijuana that an exclusive 22-month investigation into the Sam Hurd situation gets released on TheMMQB.com.

The eight-page report is fascinating. Thorough with exact times, recordings, and seized images, the public quickly finds out how Hurd went from a likable NFL playmaker to a potential life in prison.

“Whatever was considered the loudest weed in California—I wanted a notch above that,” Hurd said. How often? “All day, every day,”

And it wasn’t just by himself.

Hurd claims he shared his ganja with 20-25 teammates as a way to escape the everyday stress from playing in the NFL. It also eased his pain from the endless collisions in practice and games.

The story brings up the bigger picture of overzealous federal agents and questions the integrity of the NFL drug testing procedures.

Beal’s Time

Watch out for the Washington Wizards — and for one main reason: Bradley Beal. The Chaminade alum and Florida Gator product is lighting up the NBA with his scoring ability. Beal scored a career high 34-points against Oklahoma City on Sunday, and it was more than impressive. Check out his highlights.

Beal has natural scoring ability, and as you see, he does it all. Catch-and-shoot ability, creating perimeter space, floaters and drives — he’s making waves in his second professional season.

He’s averaging 21 points per game notching over 40 minutes a night.


Stan Musial’s family netted a cool $1.2 million auctioning off several of his personal items including a 2011 World Series ring, a letter from Ty Cobb, and a Babe Ruth signed baseball.

Items ranged from legendary harmonicas to things as ordinary as a lighter.

  • The Houston Texans cut safety Ed Reed today, who raked in $5 million for five starts.
  • The Pirates lost their trade deadline acquisition Marlon Byrd today to Philadelphia, who signed him to a 2-year/$16 million contract.

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