Catch Boldin. Boldin What A Grab. Boldin Hauls It In. Boldin Doing It All. Boldin WOW!

When news broke in March about Anquan Boldin getting traded to San Francsico, unconfirmed reports say a minor earthquake hit Rams Park in Earth City, Missouri.

That was Boldin, stampeding cross-country from Baltimore to the Bay Area ensuring St. Louis caught wind he would line up twice a year against them…again.

Boldin spent the first seven seasons as an Arizona Cardinal, where he and Kurt Warner tore up several versions of a horrid Rams secondary. And as if he didn’t miss a beat, in two games against the Rams as a 49er, Boldin has 14 receptions for 188 yards and one touchdown.

His nine receptions on Sunday were reminiscent of Uncle Drew lining up against street ballers at Seward Park in Chicago. It was as old school of a lesson one can teach.

Or in the words of Panthers WR Steve Smith, “Ice Up Son”.

In 15 games against the Rams, Boldin’s teams are 11-4 overall, and statistically his numbers rank the highest among the rest of his opponents. His receptions (97), yards (1326), touchdowns (7) and first downs (59) are ALL career bests than versus any other team.

Fisher: Our guys weren’t talking trash, just congratulating…

It’s safe to say Anquan Boldin gets his popcorn ready for the clown show known as a game with the Rams.

A Clown Show

The pre-game spat at midfield was about as childish as it needs to get. First of all, officiating crews know to look out for Jeff Fisher coached teams. He’s been doing this for some time — try 1994. His teams don’t need additional attention in the penalty department, and the pre-game “talk shit” nonsense did nothing but get the officials more flag happy. 20 total penalties, of which the Rams committed 11 for 105 yards. Quite frankly, complaining Monday about bad calls won’t solve the bigger problem: getting stomped.

I’m all for playing tough and standing ground and sticking up for teammates, but jarring and jabbing with a better team, and Anquan mother trucking Boldin is flat-out stupid. You think Boldin needs extra motivation to shred a Rams team? If so, you might need to take the short bus with Trumaine and Janoris. Ridiculous. It’s predictable this team will have an on-field skirmish every week, but before the game? K. I imagine it had the same reception as someone catching some hate at a bar when I’ve had a few: ‘settle down buddy.’

I wrote yesterday how the Rams winning formula is difficult to maintain. It’s like telling a baseball team to hit .450 as a team with runners in scoring position…

But really, this team not just needs turnovers, they need defensive scores, special teams scores, and receivers competent enough to catch the ball. I understand how one unit can bail out another from time to time, but when an offense gets four first downs in the first half and the defense can’t get a stop on 3rd-and-14 … well that’s a recipe for disaster.

Fisher: team lacked execution, doesn’t see a “penalty plagued” team

Stop Overreacting

It’s hard, very hard. But in perspective, the team is just not deep or good enough to compete consistently each week — especially on the road against a Super Bowl contender.

San Francisco is hitting their stride at a good time. Patrick Willis is back at middle linebacker, Aldon Smith cleaned up his life, Michael Crabtree is healthy. You’re talking about weapons in the prime of their career with an outstanding quarterback.

Keep in mind, the 49ers went through growing pains themselves with a lot of these now star players — the process takes time to reach the elite level. 

Nobody wants to hear the excuses, “youngest team”, “year two”, “work in progress”, nada — none of it … but the Moon ain’t necessarily made of barbecue spare ribs either. So chew on that for a minute.

And keep chewing, because some day these Rams will come around — but in the meantime prepare for an extremely turbulent flight.

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