Daily Grind 12.3

Hope you all had a good Turkey Day.

The Rams sure did. They rebounded from a devastating loss at San Diego with a 52-0 win at home against Oakland. Yes, the Raiders are a bad football team…but the statement speaks volumes. The total destruction against the dysfunctional Black Hole shows this team is beyond hungry for consistent success, and Sunday offered a chance for them to prove they’re better than its record suggests.

Perhaps the results aren’t quite there, but Jeff Fisher had his team riled up and ready to play. Granted, this team is so young they don’t know any better than to just keep grinding. However, 52-0 indicates the Rams aren’t content with 5-7, and manhandling a far inferior team was important. 

I didn’t write about the game last week for a few reasons: 1) it was a busy week 2) I fully expected the beat down.

Oakland was coming off its first win in over a calendar year. And it came during prime time on Thursday night against a division rival, the Chiefs. Oakland had no shot traveling over 2,000 miles to beat the Rams. You think the Rams have trouble stacking wins? Oakland hasn’t won back-to-back games since Week 8 of 2012.

The Raiders are a bigger joke than the Rams, and I’m done with that game.

I’m not here to coddle the Rams. They’re still 5-7, but they have a legitimate chance to make a statement in these final four weeks.

I’m on to Washington…

College Football bahahaha

Sorry, it’s just such a scam. If they would just pay the players it might not be so bad.

#3 TCU jumped #4 Florida State in the top four playoff seeding’s.

Let me propose this: TCU boosters sent a check to the playoff committee for $10 million and each member took a bite of their beef tenderloin slider and nodded in agreement. My goodness this system, like so many, is completely broken.

And how about this… If somehow Missouri finds a way to beat Alabama on Saturday, would the committee really have an SEC-free playoff in its inception year? The “closest thing to the NFL” wouldn’t even make it?

I’m very impressed with Mizzou Football… but the diehards are priceless. Mizzou can beat Alabama because X played Y and Y beat X and X lost to Y in X. Oh ya? Well, Vegas opened with Mizzou as a two touchdown underdog and I’m pretty sure they accounted for every X, Y, and Z imaginable in the algorithm. Having said that, I would take the 14 points all day.

And finally in the joke sphere, Nebraska canned head coach Bo Pelini.

The Cornhuskers hired Pelini in 2008 and all he did was post seven straight seasons with 9 or more wins. He took Nebraska to 2 Big 12 Championships and 1 Big Ten Championship, losing all three. Bo posted a 4-3 record in Bowl games. His players loved playing for him. The question is: at what point do we define success?

Pinkel has been at Mizzou since 2001 and he could be staring at 0-5 in Conference Championships after Saturday. He’s 6-4 in Bowls and everyone knows his record in the SEC is saturated against bad teams. I mean come on.

I get ridiculed for saying Mizzou should fire Pinkel, and when I refer to “big” games people pull out the ‘look at where he’s brought the program…’

Pelini isn’t Tom Osborne, the former Nebraska coach who won three National titles in four years in the mid-1990s. But Pelini at least put Nebraska back on the map, and frankly, in meaningful games. And now, Pelini is out and Nebraska is back to square one. Hm.

I suppose Pinkel hasn’t told the Tiger Faithful to “F-Off” but his off field incidents aren’t exactly peachy, either. 

Five Thoughts

1. I’ve lost track of where Jim Harbaugh is headed after the season. As a Rams fan, any coach who leaves the NFC West with a track record of three straight Conference Championship appearances and a Super Bowl on his résumé is welcome to take the first bus out-of-town.

2. Cheers, Daniel Descalso. The Cardinals non-tendered DD yesterday, meaning he is now a free agent. Descalso had some monumental moments in postseason play including Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. Descalso, a left-handed batter, singled off the left-handed Darren Oliver to begin the FIFTH comeback that magical night. Descalso also went 3-for-5 with 3 RBI and three runs scored in Game 5 of the 2013 NLDS in Washington including this game-tying gem:

3. The Cardinals signed RHP Matt Belisle to a one-year, $3.5 million contract. Belisle turns 35 next season and owns a career 4.41 ERA over 11 MLB seasons. Throwing 66 innings last year, it marked the first time since 2010 he threw under 70 innings. He’s a workhorse…albeit somewhat ineffective. I suppose Matheny can use him everyday and lose games late… which is right up his alley.

4. The Birds would be well suited to add a veteran starter before the offseason concludes. Not Max Scherzer per say, but maybe a guy like Chris Young. Young, 35, had a respectable, under-the-radar 2014 going 12-9 with a 3.65 ERA in 30 starts for Seattle.

5. Finally, the police need to stop condemning the Rams receivers for putting their hands up. Since when did people in uniform lose their 1st Amendment Right? And now this whole ‘did they apologize or not’ media affair is just absurd. The World, folks, has gone insane.  

And on that note– It was great to see #91 terrorizing the QB again.

Thanks for reading.

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