Brad Beal Drops 40 For Red Devils

Brad Beal is shining right before our eyes. Lookout for the young phenom as he prepares for life as a Gator.

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Chaminade basketball has had some pretty good players since head coach Kelvin Lee was hired. He tutored Golden State Warrior’s forward David Lee. Lee was recruited heavily across the country and ultimately chose to take his talents to the University of Florida. Lee is a NBA all-star who consistently puts up big numbers on the worlds largest stage.

Coach Lee has found another top national recruit in Bradley Beal. Beal is a senior who like Lee, has committed to Florida to play for the Gators and head coach Billy Donovan.

I have seen Beal play quite a bit over the years because of my lasting interest in my high school alma mater. Beal is a true basketball player. He has all the god-given tools to be a top draft pick in the NBA. His work on and off the court has put himself in a situation to be very successful.

Check out this link to ESPN. Chaminade was recently televised on ESPNU to showcase Brad Beal and his potential for the collegiate level.

If you are in the Saint Louis area, go check this kid out. He can flat out play. It is a joy to watch good basketball and Beal brings that to the floor every game.

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