Pujols reportedly rejects Cards’ offer

Albert Pujols is sending shockwaves through St. Louis with his decision to put a deadline on a contract extension. The latest details on Daily Grind Sports.

Albert Pujols

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I find it funny that somehow every national media outlet thinks they know every inside detail of contract negotiations that were deemed “completely private” by both the Saint Louis Cardinals‘ organization, Albert Pujols, and his agent Dan Lozano.

Regardless, multiple outlets are reporting that Pujols‘ camp has rejected the teams latest offer for seven years. Pujols wants a 10 year deal worth over $300 million.

I am not sure how I see this playing out. The deadline to complete a deal with Pujols before next off-season is set at noon on Wednesday, February 16th.

Personally, I hope Pujols decides to stay in Saint Louis for obvious reasons.

First, I am a Cardinals fan. I watched him run across the diamond and hug Scott Rolen after Adam Wainwright struck out Brandon Inge to win the 2006 World Series. I know he is the best player I have ever witnessed, and quite frankly, maybe ever.

Secondly, Albert makes it easier to go to work. Covering a winning team is much more enjoyable than say, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Having the opportunity to watch Albert conduct his everyday business and see his professionalism is a absolute pleasure. It is inspiring for me to try and work as hard as he does at his game day in and day out.

Most importantly though I want the decision to ultimately be the best for the organization. We always hear how one player cannot be more important than the team. I struggle to comprehend that notion directly because of what happened to the Cleveland Cavaliers after they lost star forward LeBron James. Cleveland went from being a title contender to the cellar of the NBA. Literally, they are a joke. They are 9-46 overall.

With that being said, I know the Cardinals have better contributing players on this team. Cleveland lacked the likes of Matt Holliday, Yadier Molina, Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter, and Colby Rasmus.

I would hate to see the organization who has proven itself as a consistent winner over the years to handicap their ability to improve the team because they locked up one great player.

In an ideal world, both player and team would recognize the necessity of each other. They are great together for countless reasons: loyalty, trust, fan base, dedication, etc.

Regardless, try to not pay attention to reports over the next year as the debacle will figure itself out one way or the other. Do not get emotionally caught up in the business side of professional sports. The media loves to talk about the potential of something happening no matter how far away it is from even being possible. ESPN will publish about 100 stories between now and when a contract is actually signed–try to just ignore them and wait for the answer.

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