Blues lose to Flames…again

A Blues defenseman gives Calgary a gift in the latest rendition of Flames beat Blues.

Miikka Kiprusoff of the Calgary Flames

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In the second game of a home and home with the Calgary Flames–things got really ugly. In the first period, Blues defenseman Barret Jackman coughed up a terrible turnover in the Blues zone which led to the first goal of the game for the Flames.

It was eerily similar to the pass Tyson Strachan fed to David Moss in the slot for the Flames on Sunday at the Saddledome in Calgary.

After a scoreless and uneventful 2nd period–the wheels came off the bus for the Blues.

The flames netted 5 goals in the final period to win the game 6-0.

Flames goaltender Miikka Kiprusoff stopped all 25 shots and shutout the Blues for the second consecutive game. For the season, Kiprusoff allowed one goal on 81 shots against St. Louis, a minuscule .034 goals-against average. He’s 18-5-2 for his career against the Blues.

Blues goalie Ben Bishop was infuriated as the horn sounded to end the game. As he walked down the tunnel, he slammed his goalie stick repeatedly in an attempt to shatter the stick that allowed 6 goals on Tuesday night.

The Blues look hopeless right now. They have no scoring threat whatsoever and their defense continues to put them in a bind with costly turnovers.

The team is headed back on the road tomorrow for a 2 game trip through Washington and New York. At this point, just a goal to break the 6 periods of scoreless hockey would be nice.

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