Where Amazing Happens

It’s Lob Angeles in Hollywood. The Heat have excelled on defense. Flip Saunders is out, and uh, 56 points in a NBA game? With great match ups ahead, It’s Where Amazing Happens. 

Lob Angeles Clippers (9-6)

Indiana Pacers (12-5) continue to improve, beating the Lakers in LA twice for the first time in franchise history. Proceeded to take down Chicago at the United Center, where the Bulls were undefeated. The Pacers are back!

The Los Angeles Lakers (11-8) bench ranks last in scoring. That’s going to be a problem come postseason. Sheesh Meta take it easy.

Miami Heat defense has yet to give up a 30+ point scorer this season. Chris Bosh was a perfect 14-14 from the free throw line Tuesday, the 6th time a Heat player has had 14+ free throws without a miss. Miami snapped a 3 game road losing streak in Detroit, as they continue to win without Dwayne Wade. All good signs for South Beach.

Dirk Nowitzki to miss 4 games for “conditioning”. Few too many lagers in Germany guy?

More Boston Celtics (7-9) misery. Rajon Rondo is out, Ray Allen’s nursing an ankle injury, Keyon Dooling is hurting. At least they can beat the Wizards. Three of their wins have been against Washington. Worst start for the Big Three in 5 years together: 12-2, 12-2, 10-4, 10-4, 7-9

Washington Wizards lost to Boston, and Flip Saunders was relieved, literally, from his job. He had no control of the team. The Wiz are a terrible basketball team but they have confidence in their young talent, but aren’t sure where they are at with them. It was mutual between new head coach Randy Wittman and team president Ernie Grumfeld. “[John Wall] has to be wiling to be coached, not just think it’s given to him.” Wall’s development is imperative for the Wizards future.

Another injury plagued season for the Chicago Bulls (16-4). Derrick Rose is back from a toe injury, but Luol Deng is out. Deng tore a ligament in his wrist, but he wants to come back. Still, the Bulls have the most wins in the league.

Orlando Magic (12-5) score a franchise low 56 points in Boston. That’s what happens when Dwight Howard scores 4 points in the second half. The Magic scored only 20 points in the second half. Ironically, Howard did become the franchise-leading scorer…maybe now he’s ready to leave.

Alonzo Gee wiz.

Memphis Grizzlies (10-8) are winning without Zach Randolph (shoulder). They just snapped a 7 game win streak against the Portland Trailblazers (11-8). Last year they had to battle all season without Rudy Gay and made it to the post season, could be a similar story this year with Randolph. Marc Gasol has stepped up (Western Conference Player of the Week).

Minnesota Timberwolves (8-10) locked up superstar PF Kevin Love for 4 years and $62 million, curios though, Love can opt out after the 3rd year.

Intriguing Match-ups

1-26- TNT- Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic – The Celtics just held the Magic to a franchise low in points, but expect Howard to come out huge.

1-26- TNT- Memphis Grizzlies @ Los Angeles Clippers- You got to love watching the Lob Angeles Clippers, especially with Chris Paul back.

More DeAndre Jordan Oops:

Jordan Oop 2

Jordan Oop 3

1-27- Indiana Pacers @ Boston Celtics- Back-to-back game for Celtics. They will be beat up after a physical game with Magic, expect the Pacers to take care of business.

1-27- ESPN- New York Knicks @ Miami Heat- This one could…No, will get ugly.

1-27- San Antonio Spurs @ Minnesota Timberwolves – Spurs are having a good year (12-7) while the Wolves are improving. This will be a good indicator for the Wolves. Kevin Love will play his first game with a new contract.

1-29- ABC- Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat- Lebron and Drose on the court at the same time? Yes.

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