5 Grinders

LeBron, D Rose, Cardinals pitching, a NFC North coaching staff moves to Indianapolis, and a terrible showing for the NHL.

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1. Whenever the Chicago Bulls play the Miami Heat…tune in. This is the best rivalry in the NBA right now. Two of the leagues best players in LeBron James and Derrick Rose. Both teams play an intense, physical style of basketball. Miami knocked off Chicago in the Eastern Conference finals last year in 5 games, and a rematch seems in store for 2012. LeBron’s 35 points topped Rose’ 34. More importantly, the Heat won the first game of four in the season series

2. Why are the Cardinals trying to trade versatile right-hander Kyle McClellan? McClellan struggled down the stretch last season, but also pitched a career high 141 innings last season. He filled in for the injured Adam Wainwright and then shifted back into the bullpen after the team acquired Edwin Jackson. McClellan is proven. He is a local kid, born and raised in Florissant. Trading him to shed salary seems ridiculous ($2.5 mil)

roy oswalt

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3. What is the love affair for Roy Oswalt? He is 34 years old with a bad back. He left a start against St. Louis in 2011, and the Phillies radio broadcasters ridiculed that Oswalt should be put on the DL for good and not return. Oswalt would rather go hunting for 5 months out of the season. He is washed up. If it came down to Oswalt or McClellan (which seems likely), I’ll take McClellan.

4. The Colts are assimilating an interesting coaching staff. After naming Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano head coach, the team moved quickly to add a pair of former Pittsburgh Steelers. Bruce Arians, relieved of his offensive coordinator duties at the angst of Ben Roethlisberger, will take the same role in Indianapolis. Then Pagano pegged Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler for defensive coordinator. NFC North assistants teaming up in Indianapolis…Interesting. I wonder who will play quarterback?

5. What an embarrassment for the NHL last night. The skills competition. One long, loud BOOO. What a disgrace, and a complete disrespect for the game of hockey. You are not the NBA, and your product cannot be the NBA.

Having fun yet? Just terrible. Can we get rid of the All-Star Game altogether? Not a fan.

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