Where Amazing Happens

The Lob Angeles Dunkers are at it again, the picture in the west is becoming clearer, AI reigns in Philly, and a former Desmet Spartan might be wearing an NBA uniform soon. When it’s the NBA, its amazing.

Battle for the West

Oklahoma City Thunder (17-4) played at Los Angeles Clippers (13-6). Blocks, Dunks, Dunks, Oops, Dunks, Oops. This is WAH.

The Clippers have asserted themselves in the west, beating the Utah Jazz (12-8) at EnergySolutions Arena where Utah was 10-3. Six of their first eight points were on dunks or oops. I think the Chris Paul move has worked out.

How long do we get to watch this Blake Griffin guy? Before the game the announcer said Perkins is not going to let Blake Griffin posterize him. I’d love to know his definition of posterize.

Western Conference Finals Rematch #3 (1-1)

OKC Thunder battled the Dallas Mavericks (14-9) in Dallas for the second time. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were too much in the end as the Thunder win 95-86.

Since Westbrook signed a big extension, his chemistry with Durant has improved. The ‘we are in this together’ mentality has set in. Although Westbrook did hit a dagger 3 at Dallas, I would still rather see Durant shooting in the final seconds.

Where Amazing Happens

Believe in Andre Iguodala yet? He and the Philadelphia 76ers (16-6) just beat the Chicago Bulls (18-6).  76ers are tied with the Miami Heat (16-6) and Atlanta Hawks (16-6) for second best record in the East.

Who is Paul George? 24 points in a win Tuesday, including this…

Derron Williams dunkface on Roy Hibbert (7’2).

LeBron James outscored the Bucks 24-23 in the first quarter Wednesday. The Milwaukee Bucks (10-11) beat the Miami Heat though for the second time this year.

Kevin Love has had 30+ points and 10+ rebounds seven times this season. He is a real leader. I am still waiting for the Minnesota Timberwolves (10-12) to breakout.

Keith Bogans signs with New Jersey Nets (8-15). What took so long? He was just in an NBA Finals last summer. This is his 7th NBA team.

Orlando Magic (13-9) score 9 points in a quarter at Philadelphia. It’s too easy to point out how bad these guys are. They finally rebounded from their 4 game losing skid by beating the Washington Wizards (4-18).

Remember Him?

Blake Ahearn (Desmet, Missouri State) has made 106 straight free throws for the Reno Bighorns and leads the NBA-D league in scoring at 24 points per game. We could be seeing him in a San Antonio Spurs (14-9) uniform soon.


James Harden will win 6th man award.

Key Stats- 30.4 minutes per game, 16.1 points per game, 6.5 free throws attempted per game

Harden is playing a lot of minutes at a high level. He gets to the free throw line a ton, and shoots free throws well (85%). He has great court awareness. And he can do this.

Matchups to Watch

2-2-TNT- Chicago Bulls @ New York Knicks – The Knicks (8-13) are searching for identity and a playoff spot (2 games back).  Derrick Rose will show the Knicks why a PG is imperative for success.

2-2-TNT- Denver Nuggets @ Los Angeles Clippers – Sure the matchup is great, but they don’t call it Lob City for nothing.

2-3- Miami Heat @ Philadelphia 76ers – The 76ers just beat the Bulls, and this is a battle for the 2nd best record in the East, and LeBron is playing.

2-3-ESPN- New York Knicks @ Boston Celtics – Good rivalry, red-hot Celtics (7-3 in last 10) will be looking to kick the Knicks while they are down.

2-3-ESPN- Los Angeles Lakers @ Denver Nuggets – Always a good game when these guys meet, season series is 1-1.

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