Super Bowl XLVI Picks

Enjoy your wings, nachos, guac, chili, sliders, shrimp, queso, and booze. Get that last second confidence boost in your bets by reviewing ours. Good Luck!

PLAYOFF STANDINGS        (Tiebreaker: final score)

"Remember - i before e, except in Budweis...

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NATER: 4-2 LOCKS  5-1 ATS (30-20)

MARK: 4-2 LOCKS 4-2 ATS (31-24)

OWEN: 5-1 LOCKS 3-3 ATS (100-99)

CHACH: 4-2 LOCKS 1-5 ATS (31-28)

We can’t forget to mention your Budweisers, Bud Lights, Busch Camo’s, Natty Lights, Jack n’ Cokes, Vodka with anything, and whatever else your liver can absorb.

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