Where Amazing Happens

2 great players rewriting NBA history, injuries galore, and a former Chaminade Red Devil has a triple double. Also, what warrants a traveling call these days?


Kobe Bryant surpassed Shaquelle O’neal for 5th all time in NBA scoring. Shaq gave Kobe some love, far from how they used to treat each other. Shaq is part of the media now, so he must act as such.

Shaq the Professional:

Paul Pierce passed Larry Bird for #2 on the Celtics all time scoring list. Can you say HOF? 

Where Amazing Happens

Los Angeles Clippers (15-8) lose Chauncey Billups for the rest of the season to an Achilles injury. This will hurt the Clippers big time. Billups was their ‘big shot’ guy. So who will it be now? The Clippers lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers (10-14) in their first game without Billups. Eric Bledsoe didn’t play; the young prospect needs to step up. 

New York Knicks (11-5) were spiraling into hell.  Amare Stoudamire has been out dealing with the loss of his borhter, and now Carmelo Anthony will miss a few weeks with a strained groin. But the savior Jeremy Lin has led the Knicks to 3 straight wins. Lin has 66 points and 25 assists in those three games. 

Portland Trail Blazers (14-12) got hosed Monday night. They had the game wrapped up when LaMarcus Aldridge blocked Kevin Durant’s layup with a second left, but the legal block was called goaltending, and the OKC Thunder (20-5) won in OT. The Blazers miss Brandon Roy big time. Nobody wanted the last shot for these guys, a role filled by Roy in the past.

The NBA replay system is getting ridiculous. Good idea, poor execution. Players (Kendrick Perkins) are taking advantage of the system, and begging for reviews every time, thus overplaying the closeness of the play and manipulating the ref to review it.

Monta Ellis’ spinning layup. This used to be a travel.

English: Hakeem Olajuwon playing basketball at...

Hakeem Olajuwon (Image via Wikipedia)

David Lee had a triple double for the Golden State Warrios (8-14) in a 3 point loss to the Thunder.

Dwight Howard goes for 25 points with 24 boards as the Orlando Magic (16-10) beat the Miami Heat (19-7). Orlando shot a franchise record 42 three-pointers, making 17. Howard is 4th all time in 20/20 games, 4 away from tying Hakeem Olajuwon for 2nd . Moses Malone leads all with 109.

Derrick Rose has 10 points in his last 2 games, but the Chicago Bulls (22-6) won both. The reigning MVP is making a case for another. Richard Hamilton is hurting

Games To Watch

2-9-TNT- Los Angeles Lakers @ Boston Celtics – The Celtics look to stay hot vs. the struggling Lakers. Best rivalry in the league?

2-12-ABC- Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics – The best team in the East will look to make a statement in Boston.

2-12-ESPN- Miami Heat @ Atlanta Hawks – The Hawks are two games behind the Heat right now in the East. 

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