Where Amazing Happens: Free Lin Jobs!

Well the Jeremy Lin phenomenon has taken over the sports world, and beyond, (you heard it here first), but what is the story behind the smoke-show?

Wow. So it looks as if the New York Knickerbockers are competitive again, and it is all thanks to the rise of the yellow mamba, Jeremy Lin. You have seen the stats; you know he is dominating games, putting up Derrick Rose like numbers. You have seen the results; the Knicks are undefeated when Lin is the starting PG. Here is some of the magic.

I haven’t seen Melo do this in a Knicks jersey, ever.

Clearly, this guy is the real deal. One thing that a remains unclear to me is where has Lin been (on the Knick’s bench), and what took so long for him to get a look as the starting PG? It has been no secret that the Knick’s struggles this year have resulted from little to no

organization and consistency on offense, and no one was running their half court offense. They have needed a PG all year! Now that

Jeremy Lin at the 2010 Golden State Warriors o...Lin was originally with Golden State (Image via Wikipedia)

Lin is the starting PG for the Knicks, they haven’t lost, and Lin is averaging 26.5 points per game and 8.5 assists per game. His points total for his first five starts, 134, is the most ever by any player in NBA history.

Is the Knicks front office that incompetent? Is Mike D’antoni blind? How is that Jeremy Lin lies dormant until just now when the Knicks needed him most? Could it all be a marketing scheme by the NBA? This guy isn’t just a flash in the pan, Lin is not a fluke. The plays that Lin is making, I am sorry but you don’t just step onto an NBA court and all the sudden have that type of ability. Something just doesn’t seem right here. The NBA is where amazing happens, and they do a great job marketing their product and keeping it fresh. Perhaps that is why they kept Lin in the waiting all season until now. Perfect timing, well done association. Let’s release Lin to the public now and he will be the hot story picking up the lowly Knicks, making them competitive again.

It doesn’t hurt that Lin is Asian, as the NBA has seen an increase in popularity among Asian Americans. Lin jerseys are selling like hot cakes. He is already perhaps the greatest Asian baller of all time (sorry Yao).

The New York Knicks

Who is, and who do you want to be the face of your franchise? Right now, this moment, it is Jeremy Lin. Not Carmelo. It will be interesting to see the shift when Carmelo returns, but until then it is Lin’s team, and he will keep them competitive. When Melo comes back, no doubt their roster improves on paper, but having the best looking roster on paper does not correlate to wins. Carmelo Anthony is a very good player with great shooting talent. However his ability as a leader is lacking. I hope that for the sake of the Knicks, and the

Mike D'Antoni, head coach of the New York Knicks.

Mike D'Antoni Image via Wikipedia

NBA, that Melo comes back with a new head on his shoulders, and he is willing to part ways with being the show every night, and give the pressure of being the face of the franchise to Lin. Melo, it’s already been seen that you cannot lead the Knicks to victory, so let Lin takeover. I think that if Melo buys into a Jeremy Lin game plan every night offensively, he will actually like it more. Its less effort Melo, you love that! All he has to do now is spot up and shoot offensively. Lin is already doing this for Landry Fields.

Mike D’Antoni has been around the block. He has seen a lot of talent and success in this league. He now has the toughest coaching assignment of his career. Coaching Melo down to a role player.

Either way, Knick’s fans and NBA fans will be receiving Lin jobs all season, and with any luck (as if Lin’s emergence isn’t enough), deep into the post season.

8 responses to “Where Amazing Happens: Free Lin Jobs!

  1. His turnovers per game as the starter is also at 6.0, worst all time was 3.9 in NBA for a starting PG. But all you seem to have written about was the same garbage we’ve been being fed on espn for a week now.

  2. Keep in mind that Lin is a rookie and just now earned a starting job, so yes as he adjusts to the NBA pace and play his turnovers will be high, however don’t expect him to be turning the ball over 6 times a game in a month or 2. Brenda, if you like to watch ESPN (garbage), then keep doing so, and last I checked they didn’t theorize that the NBA held out Lin as a marketing strategy…guess you didn’t read that far?

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