Daily Grind 2.28

The ‘Note makes it 3 straight on the road, the Car Crash 500, the Liar, and a huge game in Midtown tonight.

The St. Louis Blues are taking care of business. The 3-game win streak on the road leaves them in 2nd place in the West with 85 points. They’re winning the games they need to, but in buildings where wins have been hard to come by.


Nashville 21-7-5 Winnipeg 19-10-4 Calgary 16-10-4.

After Calgary scored a bunk goal on Halak early in the 1st period, the Blues responded with three unanswered. More importantly, they responded with the tenacity and grit this team is known for. Last night was a physical hockey game, and the Blues won the game on special teams. The penalty kill shutout the Flames 5 chances, while Jason Arnott netted 2 PP goals.

Arnott’s presence on the ice cannot be overstated. In 56 games, Arnott is a +12. He’s tied for second with TJ Oshie with 15 goals, and leads the team with 6 power play goals. Arnott has been an absolute beast. His shot is still one of the hardest in the game. No doubt the Blues should look to resign him and Jamie Langenbrunner.

I can’t believe I’m going there … but I will. The Daytona 500.

Where else do you get car fires, fuel fires, laundry detergent, peeps checking the slickness on pavement, tweets, Hoosiers, beer, and boobs? Oh yeah! NASCAR!

I must be in the minority, because 36.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the race on FOX.

Perhaps I missed out because it was muted at the bar, and no one could hear the natural sound, the explosions, and the wrecks. It just isn’t entertaining to me. I mean is it really that sweet to watch cars drive fast in a circle only to inevitably crash?

Not for me, but here’s your winner, Matt Kenseth:

The Ryan Braun situation is a joke. Braun did not get vindicated, he got lucky. He found a loophole in the MLB testing program and had a court overrule his positive test. Braun’s sample came in at 20-1 for the ratio between the two hormones. In addition, a separate test showed the presence of synthetic testosterone. But, he’s clean as a whistle. No suspension, nothing.

And yet, we’re supposed to listen to this fool? I’m sorry, no. Athletes lie about this stuff. Marion Jones, Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, hell Floyd Landis spent $2 million in legal fees only to finally admit the truth.

So Braun got off the hook because the collector failed to ship the sample immediately. Despite that the sample was still sealed, and experts claim the delay would have 0 effect on the sample itself Braun is a free man.

Just another credibility gut-check for Bud Selig, MLB, the MLBPA, and the entire legal system.

Senior Brian Conklin

Blizzard At Chaifetz

Can’t wait for the Billikens game tonight at Chaifetz against Xavier. The “White-Out” game in honor of senior night. SLU enters Tuesday’s game 22-6 overall and 10-4 in the Atlantic 10 Conference, good for second in the league behind Temple. A victory Tuesday would clinch a top-four seed in the Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament, which would result in a first-round bye.

The Billikens are 14-1 at Chaifetz Arena this season, with their only loss against Temple. The Billikens ended Xavier’s seven-game series winning streak with a 79-68 victory at Cintas Center on Jan. 25. The last Billiken win in St. Louis was a 76-65 victory at Scottrade Center Jan. 13, 2007.      

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