Game 3

A preview of the battle tonight in the Shark Tank, plus a reality check to those appalled watching NHL fights.

Attention any person who thinks fighting is dumb in hockey: get lost. Any argument presented lacks integrity altogether. Don’t try to compare a fight in hockey to a fight in any other sport. It’s just different. Not necessary to explain. Put simply, if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.You clearly don’t understand the sport. Could they play hockey without fighting? Sure. But players, true fans, and the league want it, so enjoy.

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Furthermore, I hope the Blues kick San Jose’s ass again tonight. The tenacity shown on Saturday is exactly how the Blues need to play. The physical style is how they acquired 109 points in the regular season. The Blues have an uncanny combination of both size and speed. The Sharks are physical, yes, but they can’t keep up with the Blues’ (5v5) quickness.

It’s beating a dead horse, but finally Ken Hitchcock benched Chris Stewart. Sports are performance based, and when you take a free pass for the first 83 games, it’s probably time you wear a tie during the hockey game.

Welcome back, Vladimir Sobotka. Sobotka is a beast. Do not be fooled by his 5’10 stature, Vladdy is probably the most jacked player on the Blues. His throwdown at the end of regulation was classic, and should be continued. Sobotka’s game is a work in progress. His shot is inconsistent, he misses too many chances, but his presence on the ice with Jason Arnott and Jamie Langenbrunner is well known. Just ask Dominic Moore’s broken nose.

Encouraging hearing that Jaroslav Halak suffered a “lower body injury” rather than an “upper body injury”. I’m all for Brian Elliott, but knowing Halak is concussion-free is probably the best news all season.

No doubt this series is going at least 6 games.  Playoff hockey has arrived in prime fashion.

The greatest shirt ever: dude behind Vancouver bench rocking the “SEDIN SISTERS. 2 GIRLS, NO CUP”

Keys to the game:

  1. Smart physicality. No dumb penalties. No reason to get baited. Finish checks, be aggressive, but don’t cross the line. These games will only get uglier, so buckle up.
  2. Eyes on Joe Thornton. Todd McLellan now has last-change privileges. David Backes has basically taken Thornton out of the game offensively. Patrik Berglund could get a large dose of Big Joe the next couple of games. Expect Thornton, Patrick Marleau and Joe Pavelski to really bring it.
  3. Obviously goaltending. These games in San Jose will be low scoring. Any weak goal could be the difference.
  4. Keep Stewart off the ice. Stewart has no chemistry with any line he’s been on this season. It’s frustrating to play with a guy who won’t change his role. He isn’t Sidney Crosby.

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