Daily Grind 7.24

A Ram finds the breathalyzer, interesting comments on Vladimir Tarasenko, who Sandusky is really screwing, and some similarities to the 2007 St. Louis Cardinals.

What do Robert Quinn, Aldon Smith, Knowshon Moreno, Brandon Meriweather, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Jerome Felton, Justin Blackmon, David Diehl, Aaron Berry, Eric Wright, Marshawn Lynch, and Kenny Britt have in common?

Robert Quinn during training camp in 2011

Pending charges for drinking and driving. Somewhat unreal, considering the money these professional athletes make. Take a cab already.

With Quinn, the situation is a bit more alarming because of his previous record. He was declared ineligible by the NCAA in 2010 for receiving improper benefits, including jewelry and travel accommodations from a North Carolina booster. Several teams passed on him because of “character flaws”, but then GM Billy Deveaney picked him 14th overall in the 2011 draft.

Getting a D-Dub is disappointing, not the worst offense though. We all make mistakes, and now the pressure is on Quinn to rededicate himself to being a NFL player.

Vladamir Tarasenko will join the Blues hockey club in 2012-2013

Vladimir Tarasenko, the 20-year-old that decided to leave Russia to play for the St. Louis Blues next season is taking some heat from former SKA St. Petersburg coach Milos Riha:

“It was his decision and his choice. To my mind, he has got ahead of himself a little bit, I think that he could play a couple more years in KHL and grew to maturity as a hockey player. I can only wish him luck.”

Tarasenko had racked up 100 points in 176 games in the KHL, and the Blues desperately need another scoring threat. Sour grapes anyone?

Bill O’Brien left the New England Patriots for Penn State

Jerry Sandusky’s sick actions, well documented here, will have a trickle down effect, gross pun not intended. Think about any player who transfers from Penn State. He will take a place of another qualified athlete who will then perhaps be bumped to a division III school, and so-on and so-on. Then you have head coach Bill O’Brien, who signed a lucrative 5-year contract. He has no out-clause in his contract, therefore he would be liable for about $12 million, if he were to resign. No bowling through 2015, sharp reduction in scholarships through 2017, and O’Brien helms the ship making almost $2.5 million per year. That’s quite a lot for a watered down program. He may publicly claim he’s “committed” but boy I bet he misses that high-flying New England Patriots offense.

Finally, the Cardinals current roster compares a lot to the 2007 roster, both one year removed from a World Championship. Sure, you had offense in 2007 (Molina, Pujols, Eckstein, Rolen, Edmonds, Duncan, Ludwick, etc), and then you had the pitching: Kip Wells, Todd Wellemeyer, Brad Thompson, Russ Springer, Troy Percival, Mike Maroth, Troy Cate, Brian Falkenborg, Braden Looper.

Kip Wells went 7-17 with a 5.70 ERA in 2007 with St. Louis

Basically, a lot of guys that did not get the job done. Sound familiar? Victor Marte, Fernando Salas, Maikel Cleto, Eduardo Sanchez, Sam Freeman, Barret Browning, Mark Rzepczynski.
7/24/07 record: 45-51
7/24/12 record: 50-46

Thanks for reading.

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