Daily Dime 7.28

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Well, Greinke is now an Angel. The Brewers seemed so anxious to get rid of one of the games most dominant pitchers and they got their wish yesterday. The Angels, however, got a perfect last minute ace for their rotation heading into the late summer push. Good for them.

Anyways, back to making money. 3-0 yesterday on some very well played games. The Athletics blow an 8-6 lead, then score 6 in the top of the 9th to edge off Baltimore. Ben Sheets pitches a 1 walk, 1 run game for Atlanta to finish Philly. And the White Sox chip away at Darvish, earning Chris Sale another win despite giving up 4 in the 1st. Mets lose another, Astros lose another, and Kip Wells earns the victory over Zambrano. Interesting game tomorrow, the Pirates will throw Wandy Rodriguez against his former team the Astros tonight. Oh and by the way, Cubs Suck.

Lines for tonight (also posted daily via twitter @dgrindsports):

WAS Jordan Zimmerman -122 vs MIL Randy Wolf +112
This is an easy pick. Even if this game doesn’t turn out the way I think it will, I won’t even regret this bet. Zimmerman holds a 3-0 record with a 0.87 ERA in 5 starts in July. That’s insane. The dude has thrown 10 consecutive quality starts. He is averaging less than 1 walk per 9 innings in July. I would put money on this dude if Jesus himself was pitching against him…..oh wait its Randy Wolf. Righties are hitting .322 against Wolf this year. Randy has won A game after April, and even if he were to pitch a decent game, one of the Brewers’ late inning guys would get on one knee and serve up a giant meatball to the next available batter.

CLE Justin Masterson -122 vs MIN Samuel Deduno +117
I’m going against my better judgement and taking two pretty strongly priced teams, but I love betting Masterson. When I went to research I actually didn’t find a lot of evidence to support him, but I know from following him throughout the year, he is a strong starter. I also know that the Indians have been playing fairly well and the Twins are not very good at home (20-30). Deduno is making his 4th start this year and hasn’t gone very deep. He doesn’t throw strikes and is almost afraid to challenge hitters.

Parlay: NYY C.C. Sabathia & LAA C.J. Wilson +154
The Yankees crushed Boston last night and will probably do the same tonight. C.C. is a big game pitcher who keeps his team in the game long enough to score some runs (which the Yankees are very very good at) and Lester is just a piece of crap this season. His team and his fans even hate him. Matt Moore is a good prospect who may one day be in the same league as C.J., but not now. The Angels just received a big boost in confidence (getting Greinke) and will drive this lineup to produce even more (if possible).

J Owen’s Play – St. Louis Cardinals > Chicago Cubs-110 – I got to make up from Kip Wells getting a win yesterday, so I’m riding this hot Cards team.

As for the standings:
Chach: 3-0 (+3.25)
J Owen: 0-1 (-1.00)

Tomorrow the Daily Grind Staff is up and at ’em early in the morning from Wrigleyville. Hopefully none of us get “Lohsed” tomorrow by some Cubbie fan douche. You’ll be hearing from us via twitter so stay tuned.

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