Daily Grind 8.13

How about those Ramies, doing big things. Chad Johnson the Porn Star, and a Cardinals top prospect has season ending elbow surgery.

Without trying to overreact to an NFL preseason game, the Rams loss on Sunday was humiliating and somewhat unfathomable. The Rams, owners of the worst 5-year stretch in the history of the NFL, lost 38-3 to the Indianapolis Colts, the only team worse than St. Louis a year ago.

For a team that scored a grand total of 17 touchdowns in 2011, coming up without one Sunday is just a tad unsettling. Scrimmage, preseason, postseason, I really don’t care…SCORE A TOUCHDOWN.

An easy cop-out is that the Rams organization has been bullied by 3 straight dysfunctional regimes. A realistic approach reminds us that the team missed the playoffs by one game in 2010, and going from worst-to-first in the NFL is not an impossible feat.

1999 Rams 14-2 Super Bowl Champions; 1998: 5-11 last place
2001 Patriots 11-5 Super Bowl Champions; 2000: 5-11 last place
2003 Panthers 7-9 (4th in division); 2002: 1-15
2008 Falcons  11-5 (NFC South); 2007: 4-12
2008 Dolphins 11-5 (AFC East); 2007: 1-15

The problems for almost a decade continued Sunday: pre-snap penalties on offense, poor pass protection, Craig Dahl at safety, ghosts playing outside linebacker, Bradford missing deep.

It’s one game, I tried to not overreact and I did, so now I’ll move on.

Some good news…The Rams have scrapped their plans to play in London in 2013 and 2014. They still play New England Week 8 at Wembley Stadium this season. Better catch up on your RAMS RULES to really be a Dome fanatic!

NFC Division rival Seattle Seahawks have an interesting QB competition. Rookie Russell Wilson (Wisconsin) is drawing raves. He completed 12/16 passes for 124 yards and a TD while rushing for 59 yards and a TD. That being said, the ‘Hawks signed Matt Flynn (Packers) to a lucrative contract and have Tarvaris Jackson on the depth chart.

The Miami Dolphins are more dysfunctional than the Rams. Ownership made a puzzling hire with Joe Philbin, and his decision to cut Chad Johnson is causing a stir within the locker room. Watching HBO’s Hard Knocks, Philbin seems about as dry as a chalk board. His relationship with players seems unnatural. Perhaps I’m wrong, but this guy seems like Brad Childress 2.0

With Johnson cut, now he can pursue his lifelong dream of a career in porn.

If somebody has a good explanation for why the Cardinals are 7 games back in the NL Central, please stand up. Mind boggling. How can you have 3 potential MVP candidates in a lineup that struggles to produce consistently. Now 12-19 in one run games, the Birds are the most mysterious team in baseball right now.

Cardinals prospect Matt Adams needs elbow surgery and is done for the rest of the 2012 season. Adams has been dealing with discomfort in his right elbow for much of the summer but still managed to bat .329/.362/.624 with 18 homers and 50 RBI in 67 games this season at Triple-A Memphis.

Infielder Zach Cox, traded to Miami for Edward Mujica, is hitting .286 with 10 RBI’s in 7 games for the Jacksonville Suns (AA).
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