Weekend Grind

The Cardinals are consistent in one aspect, frustration, the Rams start the preseason with a field goal, a little something for Lebron haters, and the Olympics are finally over.

Cardinals Evoke Frustration

Over the course of an MLB season you are going to lose games and series, so I’m not going to let that grind my gears from this weekend (despite the gut busting loss Sunday). One thing is the complete lack of fundamentals. 

This is a veteran ball club. Granted there are young guys around, the overwhelming majority of this team is seasoned veterans. Losing games due to bad fundamental play is unacceptable. Sunday’s game resulted in a walk-off infield hit for Juan Pierre. The only reason that Jimmy Rollins was able to score on the 2-out squibber is because Barrett Browning didn’t hold Rollins on second, letting him take third easily, and ultimately the game. That’s busch league.

And why can’t anyone on this team lay down a bunt? One of the most fundamental and imperative aspects of the game, and the Cardinal’s struggle with it. I don’t know who or what is to blame for this, but it’s pathetic. These fundamental-lacking plays have kept the Cubs in futility for over a century. Watching the Cardinals struggle just to lay a bunt down is one of the most frustrating things about this team. The Cards are off today, they ought to work on their bunting.

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The Clams

Las Vegas has set the St. Louis Rams’ win total at 6. Take the under. Bet the house. Now I don’t like to take too much out of preseason games, for obvious reasons, however what I did take out of this game was how far the Rams still are from being competitive. Rookie Andrew Luck looked like an All-Pro against the Rams Swiss Cheese, feet-in-quicksand defense.  Rams first defensive effort of the 2012 campaign, a 63-yard screen pass for a touchdown, Donald Brown goes untouched.

Craig Dahl is terrible. Any involvement he has in the pass defense is an ultimate fail. Guys like that cannot be on the field if you want to be competitive.  Rams first round draft pick Michael Brockers is already drawing two blockers. Well that’s what happens when your other rushers are mediocre at best. If James Laurinaitis and Chris Long are your best defensive players, then yes even the Colts will score nearly 40 points on you.

Weak play from Cortland Finnegan and others I can take with a grain of salt, considering that it is the preseason. But if Sunday’s game was at all a precursor to the regular season, then it is going to be a long year for Rams fans. Who should we take #1 next year?

Lebron James

For all those Lebron James haters out there, SHUT UP. NBA MVP, NBA champion, NBA Finals MVP, and now again, Olympic champion. Not only did Lebron help USA win gold in basketball, he was the driving force, scoring five key points in the closing moments of the 4th quarter to help USA close out a tough Spain team.  An electrifying dunk, and a cold three ball from deep with a defender in his face put the game on ice.

Why do people still hate this guy? He is one of, if not the most exciting athlete on the planet. He HAS lived up to the potential. He was deemed the greatest, and now he clearly is.

Meanwhile, as Lebron is winning gold for USA and dominating the NBA, Dwight Howard is throwing entire franchises under the bus, toying with the fans minds through his indecision, and now has irresolutely whined his way into Los Angeles. Congrats Dwight. You finally got what you wanted, or did you? Not even you know. If you want to hate a player in the NBA, why wouldn’t it be Howard? No, Lebron still gets all the hate. Keep hating haters, and watch as Lebron takes down Howard and the Lakers in the 2013 NBA Finals.

Let’s Just End This

Well the Olympics are finally over (as I breathe a sigh of relief). That was extremely painful and nauseating television (especially if you played the drinking game). Why I would want to induce the mental nausea that the Olympic coverage caused is for reasons I’m still struggling to grasp, but nonetheless, I did. Sorry that I don’t want to watch 30 minutes of television to see a 30 second race. I don’t care about the life story of these athletes because I already know it, THEY TRAINED FOR THE OLYMPICS.

It was nice how the closing ceremonies catered strictly to people with ADHD. But enough ripping the Olympics, I’ll close it with this; The ultimate irony: Jessie J performing her hit song “Price Tag” from the back seat of a drop top Rolls Royce. Good riddance London 2012.

Keep Grindin’

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