Daily Grind 12.1

The Next Albert Pujols? Plus, a comment on Jovan Belcher, the biggest playermaker in the NFL returns to action, and another plea to fire Gary Pinkel.

Derrick Goolds article regarding Oscar Taveras, the Cardinals’ high prized outfield prospect, is certainly encouraging. In the Dominican Winter League, Taveras is batting .309 with four homers and a .482 slugging percentage. His manager foresees him as a “big leaguer, there in the middle of the lineup”. It’s exciting. Every scout and coach seems to have the same eye-popping experience when they watch the kid play. If he’s that good, he should get a legitimate shot to make the big league club in Spring Training.

The shooting/suicide in Kansas City is an awful tragedy. There’s no place in society for it, and Kansas City Chiefs Player Jovan Belcher Kills Girlfriend, Then Himself At Team Facilitythe poor 3-year old girl left from this debacle is just sad. But, the media coverage is a tad overwhelming. We realize these inhumane acts happen all too often, but it takes an NFL status to get any attention. I find that just as appalling.

Watch out for the Justin Smith/Aldon Smith holding tactic which has Aldon leading the league in sacks (16.5). It’s an effective technique, ultimately Justin basically grabs both the left tackle and left guard, thus freeing Aldon from a legitimate block. Defensive holding is a penalty, but with the umpire in his new position (offensive backfield), he can’t get a good look at exactly what the defensive lineman is doing. Just something to watch.

Pittsburgh won’t have Ben Roethlisberger back at quarterback, but I can’t wait for the return of safety Troy Polamalu. He returns this week from a calf injury. The five-time All Pro completely changes the Steelers defensively. He’s a true difference maker, a top five player in the league on either side of the ball.

Week 13 Picks

  • Seahawks @ Bears
  • Vikings @ PackersNFL-Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys
  • Cardinals @ Jets
  • Panthers @ Chiefs
  • Colts @ Lions
  • Jaguars @ Bills
  • Patriots @ Dolphins
  • Texans @ Titans
  • Bucs @ Broncos
  • Steelers @ Ravens
  • Browns @ Raiders
  • Bengals @ Chargers
  • Eagles @ Cowboys
  • Giants @ Redskins

Finally, Gary Pinkel…again. People have no problem calling for a coach’s head when they don’t succeed. But apparently, Columbia, MO, has a love affair with the old ball coach. I thought football was a game of winning. We can talk about where he’s brought the program, but he’s also been at Mizzou for 12 years. 12 years. How long does a guy need to finish his rebuilding? And again, why are the results not there when the players have been.

If I ran a political ad against him it would go something like this …

Gary Pinkel. Great Recruiter. Can’t Coach On Saturday. 

Thanks for reading.

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