Week 14 Anomalies

Watching the NFL is quickly becoming the most maddening and incomprehensible activities with which I fill my Sundays. Instead of rigging up a car battery to intermittently shock myself, now I simply turn on the television.

Vikings 21 vs. Bears 14
This outcome is surprising only because the Bears typically pounce on an opportunity to blow out a lesser team, Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikingsespecially one led by a rookie quarterback, and especially after their embarrassing loss to the Russell Wilson led Seahawks in overtime last week. But, the Bears were awful and Adrian Peterson was his freak-of-nature self.

What I’m left wondering is whether there’s actually something wrong with Jay Cutler when he leaves games with mysterious injuries. Is it Lovie Smith’s decision to pull Jay and claim injury after he throws two interceptions, one a “pick six” that won the game for the Vikings, or does Jay just give up? This happened in the Bears/Texans game four weeks ago in which the Bears Offense did not score a touchdown.

Also, Brandon Marshall leads the Bears in basically every receiving category. He’s having a red-letter year, looking like the stud the Bears kept reassuring this off-season. But, Marshall has effectively become Cutler’s only receiving weapon. 
Brandon Marshall – 101 receptions, 157 targets, and 1,342 yards
The next closest guy, Alshon Jeffery – 19 receptions, 33 Targets, 256 yards

Colts 27 vs. Titans 23
Andrew Luck had two more interceptions, one of which was good for a Tennessee touchdown. Luckily, Locker had two interceptions and a “pick six” of his own.

A surprising stat here though: Andrew Luck is tied with Drew Brees with 18 interceptions! Brees also leads the league in TDs thrown with 32, while Luck has thrown just 18. Luck’s Colts are 9-4, the Saints are 5-8.

Giants 52 vs. Saints 27
Nothing too remarkable here, except for the phenomenal performance of rookie RB and return-man David New Orleans Saints v New York GiantsWilson, who scored three touchdowns. Two on 100 yards rushing, and one while racking up 227 return yards. His 97-yard kick return answered a Saints defensive touchdown in the first quarter.

I definitely recommend checking out some of the highlights just so you can see how fast he is. While the Saints defense has been horrible, Wilson made them look like they were playing half speed with their season on the line.

Chargers 34 @ Steelers 24

Chalk this one up as a “stinker” for the aging Steelers defense. Ben Roethlisberger, though appearing as if he has spent his time off eating fast food and guzzling cheap beer, still played decently, avoiding sacks and extending plays.

The Steelers lost this game because of dropped passes by Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown. 

Seahawks 58 vs. Cardinals 0
The best part about this game was the cameras panning to a petrified and aloof Kevin Kolb after every Skelton/Lindley turnover, praying his name wasn’t called. 

My wish this offseason: the Seahawks deal Matt Flynn to Arizona, the home of back-up quarterbacks who tricked people into thinking they were starters. And that he performs abysmally.

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