Old Uncle Bills

The mere thought of a Supreme 2 2 x 2 2 sounds pretty fire right about now. If you aren’t familiar, head over to the best breakfast joint in the land.

All I can think about when it comes to the Buffalo Bills is this dandy from Deadspin, Why Your Team Sucks 2012: Buffalo Bills

Pity the Bills. They’re like Green Bay, only with none of the success or the charm. They play in one of the shittiest stadiums in the NFL, located on top of a fucking glacier in the middle of No Man’s Land. If you’re from Buffalo, you’re essentially from nowhere. You talk like a Midwesterner (“Hi, I’m fraaam Baaaffalow”), and yet you’re located in the Northeast. You take pride in the Goo Goo Dolls, which no reasonable person should do. You get married before age 20 because there’s nothing else to do. It’s as if someone airlifted a chunk of northern Alaska and dropped it down 4,000 miles to the southeast. The state of New York basically consists of New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and a gigantic, frigid attic that no one goes up to because it smells funny and there might be weird things up there.

In other words, I don’t think Janoris Jenkins and Chris Givens can get into too much trouble.

The Buffalo Bills. Where to begin…

Their offensive line is decimated by injuries. Two starters are out, including center EricJacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills Wood. The makeshift line should have their hands full with the Rams who have 13 sacks in the last four games.The emergence of William Hayes and Eugene Sims gives this defensive line a depth we’re not accustomed to. Michael Brockers is clearly healthy, punishing offensive lineman and stagnating rushing attacks.

The Bills like to run the ball. CJ Spiller averages 6.6 yards per carry as the all-purpose back. Fred Jackson is the home run hitter. They ran wild for 232-yards last Sunday against Jacksonville, but come on, it’s Jacksonville.

Both backs are big players in the screen game as well.

Here’s the key to Ryan Fitzpatrick: force the turnovers. He has the “gunslinger” tag, which means the ball is there for the taking. The Bills can score some points, evident by his 20 TD passes. But his 12 interceptions are the problem. His legs pose a threat, but the Rams D has seemingly faced a “mobile” QB almost every week this season. (Stafford, Cutler, Wilson, Kaepernick, Rodgers, etc) He likes his big tight end, Scott Chandler in the red zone. Stevie Johnson is a solid route runner known for getting behind the secondary. 

Defensively, the Bills are playing better. Torched early on, their prized free-agent Mario Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo BillsWilliams is back playing at a high level with five sacks and a forced fumble his last three games. Rookie corner Stephon Gilmore leads Buffalo with 14 passes defensed in 2012–seventh most in the NFL. FS Jairus Byrd (Clayton High) leads the AFC with 5 interceptions. Since Week 9, opposing offenses average just 269 yards of total offense.

Lets just get down to it. Their 5-7 with wins against KC (2-10), Cleveland (4-8), Arizona (4-8), Miami (5-7), and Jacksonville (2-10). The Rams should roll.

With rain/snow in the forecast, look for a lot of Steven Jackson. The Rams practiced with soaked footballs at times during the week to prepare.

Opposing defenses are aware of Givens’ downfield speed, thus forcing a safety to help the corner. This opens running lanes for Jackson on whichever side of the field Givens lines up.

Danny Amendola has been “boot-free” for a few days and is likely a go Sunday.

The only way St. Louis loses is if the Rams don’t show up, a la the Jets fiasco. I just don’t see that happening. Though 0-3 against AFC East opponents, the Bills are a team the Rams need to beat.


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